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TV Åland Productions Ab - "TV Åland" - is the regional TV-producer in the Aland Islands, situated between Stockholm (Sweden) and Turku-Åbo (Finland). We are a privately owned, commercial company, without any grants or government backing. We broadcast in the larger urban areas in Aland mainly via cable (MCA network) and the regional channel Ålandskanalen. We cover today more or less all households in the Aland Islands.

TEAM at the SPOT

We have been working with most TV-companies such as BBC, Finnish YLE, Finnish MTV, Finnish Nelonen, Swedish SVT, Swedish TV3, Swedish TV4, Norwegian NRK, CBS and several other international TV-companies. We have cameramen, producers, narrators and editors if you need help! If so, please contact us.


We have an extensive archive of excellent TV-pictures and photos on different topics from Aland. Please e-mail us at or call +358 457 31 35 025.

TV Åland Productions Ab, Elverksgatan 1, AX-22100 Mariehamn.

Studio : Elverksgatan 1, AX-22100 Mariehamn.